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Chef Stole Customer Credit Cards to Buy Toy Cars

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Restaurant employees stealing your credit card info is nothing new, but it's especially noteworthy when a. it's the executive chef, b. he stole the credit cards to buy radio-controlled cars, and c. his name is Christian Guide. Mr. Guide pleaded guilty yesterday to a charge of misuse of a credit card, according to The Salem News, and was sentenced to a year of probation.

Guide is the now ex-executive chef of the Burlington, MA location of The Capital Grille steakhouse chain (he has since been fired). He was busted when police looked at security tapes at the hobby stores where he bought radio-controlled cars using stolen credit cards in two incidents, once for $2,200 and then later for $1,311.

Guide initially told police "that he 'finds' a lot of credit cards at work," but later admitted to having stolen two cards. And he's not out of the woods yet! He still "faces felony credit card fraud and identity fraud charges in Lowell District Court."

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