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Top Ten Most Ridiculous Lines in the New York Post's Todd English Profile


Today is the day for crazy profiles, we guess, but the New York Post's Todd English write-up is a whole lot sexier than the New York Times' Guy Fieri article. Clearly, Mr. English has cast a spell over writer Carla Spatos, what with his smile and his height and his charming Sex and the City jokes and everything.

Don't worry, she's not alone: apparently English is single-handedly dating all the gorgeous Asian women in New York, and he has won over the likes of Martha Stewart with his wicked grin. Oh, and he cooks and opens restaurants sometimes, too. The Post gets bonus points for the print version including the creative and juicy secondary headline, "ENGLISH (STUD) MUFFIN." Here are a few of the more ridiculous quotations.

1) "'Bonjour,' purrs Todd English, eyebrow arched provocatively. 'Comment ca va?'"

2) "New York is a Type A city. I get jazzed on the juice,' says English, whose exaggerated good looks are outmatched only by his reputation as a lady-killer."

3) "By turns macho and sexy, charming and just a bit cheesy, he's the guy you get your mojo back with on some far-flung Mediterranean island."

4) "English, 49, has an insatiable appetite — for bold, rustic cooking, for moneymaking deals and . . . for young, pretty women."

5) "He remains a fixture on the party circuit and has been spotted with a bevy of Asian beauties in New York, St. Barts, Las Vegas and Miami since his breakup."

6) "He can disarm you with a flirtatious remark ('Did you pick your phone to match your nails today?' he asks Ca Va's publicist. 'That's so "Sex and the City."')"

7) "If you're at a party where English is making the rounds, women undoubtedly take notice of him. 'Who is that?' they whisper as he strides by."

8) "At the James Beard Foundation Chefs and Champagne gala held last month in Bridgehampton, it was English's station that was mobbed by female fans — including honorary guest Martha Stewart, who reportedly enthused, 'Todd's beef was delicious.'"

9) The photo caption, print-only: "We'll take a McDreamy with cheese, please."

10) The closer: "Today, as he kicks back on his caramel couch and unleashes another killer smile, it looks like he’s handling it pretty well."

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