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A Restaurant Blog for Breeders and Their Shrieking Hellspawn

The blog Taster Tots L.A. is a Los Angeles-based restaurant blog for parents, from a parents' perspective, and, depending on your outlook on things, it's either the best new thing or the worst thing ever.

Because parents that bring their misbehaving kids to restaurants also want to read food blogs, and all these single, childless food bloggers out there are just sooo focused on the pizza's tip sag or provenance of tomatoes, and not enough on whether there's an adequate kids' menu or enough space to park your stroller. And of course Taster Tots uses categories like "Kid Hit Menu Items" and judges a restaurant based on the availability of high chairs and changing stations.

The author of the blog admits to having to eat quickly "under the pending threat of dual meltdowns" and refers to how at a restaurant "Baby [yes, just 'Baby'] once grabbed a bowl and it shattered on the floor." Exactly the sort of people you'd want to be seated next to on a night out!

To be fair, Taster Tots certainly has its place in that the breeders will find it a handy guide. It can be helpful to know who has chicken fingers or serves pasta with butter. And the rest of us will use it as an anti-Yelp: Any place that's recommended as being child- and especially baby-friendly, people will happily know to avoid. Expect copycat sites to sprout up nationwide.

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