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Colbert's Thought for Food: The Möbius Melt; Kentucky Tuna; Tubes Filled With Cow Taint

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Last night on The Colbert Report Stephen Colbert ran a five-minute "Thought for Food" segment tracking the latest in food news, including:

· The Kobayashi Hot Dog Competition Arrest: "Kobayashi, how dare you taint this sacred contest to see who can eat the most tubes filled with cow taint?"
· The renaming of Asian carp ("I assume they're like regular carp but better at science and math.") as "Kentucky Tuna": "When nature gives you carp, make carp-ade."
· And in response to Friendly's Grilled Cheese Burger Melt, Colbert invented The Möbius Melt: "An endlessly recursive series of dual-state cheese-sandwich-bread cheese sandwiches, extending into infinity... You'll never want to stop eating it. And in theory, you never could."

Video: Colbert's Thought for Food

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