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Stephen Colbert's Thought For Food: Sugary Kids' Cereal; Carl's Jr.'s Footlong Cheeseburger; The EcoBot III

Last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert ran a five-minute "Thought for Food" segment tracking the latest in food news including:

· Criticizing the "snap-crackle-party-poopers in Washington" that want to enact strict nutritional standards for food that's advertised to children making it impossible to advertise sugary cereal on TV. Colbert showed what a serving of Lucky Charms with eight grams of sugar looks like.
· On the Carl's Jr. Footlong Cheeseburger: "Why stop at a foot? The average human has over 7 1/2 meters of intestines. Why not create a 25-foot burger designed to fit every inch of your gut?"
· And the EcoBot III, the self-sustaining robot that eats and poops: "Knock it off scientists. Food should not be eaten by some pile of junk made in a lab. Food should be a pile of junk made in a lab."

Video: Colbert's Thought for Food

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