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Dutch Brewery Releases Strongest Beer (60%) in the World

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't Koelschip Brewery
't Koelschip Brewery
Photo: BS6 Hart van Nederland

The next move has been made in the beer ABV arms race: Dutch brewery 't Koelschip has created a 60% beer called "Start the Future." They created it in response to BrewDog's 55% End of History beer released just last week. "Start the Future" also beats "End of History" in terms of price point as well: the higher ABV beverage costs a mere €35 ($46 US), compared to BrewDog's £500 ($764 US) bottle. Meant to be enjoyed from a small glass and not from a beer glass,, the only drawback to "Start the Future"? It doesn't come in bottles encased in dead squirrels.

Here's what 't Koelschip has to say about their new brew (translation from Google Translate):

It presents Reefer Biggest beer in the world now the Scots a 55% beer on the market was the question: what do we do now? He is START THE FUTURE 60% alc. in response to the Scottish reaction; Obilix 45% was a success, but this is even better!

START THE FUTURE is like a beer OBILX product, a heavy alcoholic beverage ingredients with water, malt, hops and yeast. The beer is then processed into a product, a beer-based drink beer. START THE FUTURE is like OBILIX is a product made of 100% beer beer. How? Vvraag it to the brewer. You drink our START THE FUTURE Obilix and also from a small glass and not from a beer glass. Want START THE FUTURE AND OBILIX tests book a beer tasting. This may take place during a tasting at t reefer, or at festivals where we are or purchase at the brewery.

All right, BrewDog. Your move.

Video: Dutch News Start the Future Taste Test

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