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Bon Appétit's Current Digital Strategy

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Bon Appétit's editor-in-chief Barbara Fairchild spoke about the magazine's digital strategy beyond the iPad/iPhone app to be released "within two weeks" (there isn't one yet). And it sounds as though the magazine is on top of things:

We’ll definitely be increasing our presence in the digital world and adapting to whatever new technology comes our way from Silicon Valley. We’ll keep doing our wonderful cookbooks and we’ll probably branch out more into the smaller e-book versions as well. We’ve been talking about that for 2012.

"It's impossible that there aren't any Bon App cookbooks in the Kindle store," we thought. "Surely Ms. Fairchild is mistaken!" Well, we checked. There are none. See the screenshot above for the Bon Jovi Encyclopedia being the #3 results in the Kindle store when searching for "bon appetit." The first generation Kindle was released November 19, 2007. Perhaps we'll see something in 2012?

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