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So You Want To Drive a Mister Softee Truck

Thinking it might be kind of nice to drive around all summer selling ice cream to kids? Have a high tolerance for irritating jingles, standing all day, being paid in sticky coins, and heat? Buy a Mister Softee truck! They have about 350 franchisees operating 600 Mister Softee trucks in 15 states across the Northeast. Jim Conway, president of Mister Softee, Inc., told Fox News last week it'll cost you about $30,000 to get started: a $25,000 down payment on the truck (which costs $115,000 total), and a $5,000 franchise fee. Don't worry, though, Conway "hopes" you'll be able to make that back in your first year of operation.

Fox News: Mister Softee President Jim Conway

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