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Hot Dogs Become Center of Local and International Politics

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David Cameron, Abdus Salam, Michael Bloomberg
David Cameron, Abdus Salam, Michael Bloomberg
Photo: AP

British Prime Minister David Cameron grabbed a hot dog with Mayor Michael Bloomberg while in New York on Wednesday, and the British press is scandalized that, instead of eating it with the traditional mustard, Cameron ordered his hot dog plain. In fact, they're worried that Cameron may have "blown his chances with the American public." After all, we are such discerning hot dog consumers that New York restaurant Serendipity 3 has begun selling a $69 dog (foie gras, truffles, etc.) just to cater to our sophisticated palates.

The British press is actually calling this Mustardgate, but we bet Cameron's safe. Americans have already had their own Mustardgate, in which President Obama had the audacity to order an American hamburger with snooty French Dijon mustard. We're pretty burnt out on mustard-related controversy, actually.

The vendor who sold the politicians their lunch is not, however: he is fed up with Bloomberg's food cart policies. Having been fined three times last year, once for stacking his soda cans too high(!), hot dog stand owner Abdus Salam thinks the city's sanitary regulations are too rigid. Salam held his tongue in front of Bloomberg, but was more than happy to talk to the press after the politicians left: "Relax, let people work...People get headaches from these big tickets."

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