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BrewDog Unveils the World's Strongest, Squirreliest Beer Ever

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Beer. In a squirrel. [Photo: Brewdog]

Experts in stunts/brewing/stunt brewing, Scottish craft brewery BrewDog has come out with a 55% ABV beer called The End of History. Oh, and it comes in bottles encased in your choice of a dead stoat (which costs £500, $764 US) or squirrel (£700, or about $1070 US). They even have outfits!

Only 11 bottles of the freeze-distilled blond Belgian were brewed. Beer purists consider the freeze distillation process, also known as jacking or fractional freezing, cheating, or simply don't consider the end result technically beer. BrewDog has previously developed 32% and 41% beers, but claim that The End of the World is the strongest beer available today. The End of History was brewed in retaliation to a 43% German beer.

British animal rights activists find the bottle aspect "perverse," of course, but BrewDog cofounder James Watt says they are merely trying to "elevate the status of beer in our culture." (BrewDog claims the animals died of natural causes.) The alcohol awareness people don't like it either: Says a representative for the group Alcohol Focus Scotland, "This is another example of this company pushing the boundaries of acceptability all in the pursuit of cheap marketing tactics."

Video: The End of History

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