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Obama Eats Ice Cream; Gets Accused of Radical Politics

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While on vacation in Maine last week, President Barack Obama visited Mount Desert Island Ice Cream. Sounds like a totally family-friendly, wholesome activity, right? WRONG. Conservative bloggers are saying Obama was actually sending secret messages to his "core radical base" by visiting the ice cream shop, whose logo (right) looks like the raised fist symbol of the Black Power movement.

Owner Linda Parker, who denied that the logo was associated with any political movement, told The Bangor Daily News that she thinks it's "absurd to think the president used her shop to demonstrate allegiance to any sort of black power movement."

Raised fists have usually been associated with various "power movements," usually denoted by its color. This includes the aforementioned Black Power movement, the Aryan power movement, and, in this case, the ice cream power movement.

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The Mount Desert Island Ice Cream logo. [Photo: Mount Desert Island Ice Cream]