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But of Course, David Alan Grier Has a Food Blog

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Photo: Eater composite/Chocolate Glutton

These days, everyone's got a food blog. Even comedian David Allen Grier has a food blog! Writing under the nom de plume "Chocolate Glutton" he makes things like rillettes ("served on a baguette to people you really like with a nice glass of wine.") and even cures his own meats (see photo above: "2 legs of pork (hoof on), 2 legs of pork (w/o hoof), 2 boneless pork shoulders, 2 hard salami chorizos, 2 cured guanciale").

He also once accidentally grinded up a wooden spoon and served it to his kid. No worries! There are benefits to wood pulp in your pesto:

1) More ruffage, 2) You literally are imparting all of the flavors still clinging to the wooden spoon into your dish, and finally 3) My daughter is 2 1/2 I’m sure she’s already eaten worse things in her short life like lint, a worm, boogers, and a penny.

· DAG's Food Blog [Official Site via NYMag]