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Australian Food Truck Firebombing Part of "Curry War"

Fire bombed curry truck.
Fire bombed curry truck.
Photo: Bill Hearne

Sure, curry may seem innocent enough, but watch out: the spicy dish is the cause of a restaurant war in Australia, with firebombs and everything! The Copper Tiffin and Maya Da Dhaba are neighbors in the Surry Hills area of Sydney and had a history of fierce competition until a few weeks ago, when The Copper Tiffin was totally destroyed by arson. Now, in a suspected move of retaliation, two food trucks owned by Maya Da Dhaba have been gutted by firebombs.

Police have heard reports that the "curry war" extends beyond these two and involves several Indian restaurants in the neighborhood. Cleveland St., where both of the restaurants are located, is home to a half dozen Indian restaurants, and Yash Desai, the owner of The Copper Tiffin, is concerned that the Maya Da Dhaba trucks were bombed by someone who thought they belonged to him.

The owner of Maya Da Dhaba, Ajay Raj, denies that there's any feuding going on between the restaurants: "We are all friends together, we all socialize together. All the restaurant owners, we know each others' families." Raj also dismissed the idea that the attacks were racially-based hate crimes.

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