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Ruhlman Hints at Holiday Episode of No Reservations

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Ruhlman and Bourdain love the girly drinks
Ruhlman and Bourdain love the girly drinks

In writer and bon vivant Michael Ruhlman's latest blog post, he chronicles his eating adventures in New York City, and hinted at a super-special "holiday" episode of No Reservations with his compatriot Anthony Bourdain:

Tuesday, I was up and out early to join the zero point zero crew for the filming of surely one of the more bizarre premises for a Bourdain No Reservations episode. A holiday show. I cannot tell you which holiday and I can’t tell you why I can’t tell you. Suffice it to say that I learned Tony can actually cook—though it’s not always a safe event to witness up close—and he also revealed a bizarre, and ultimately convincing, affection for tiki bars.

We're guessing a Tiki Christmas in New York?

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