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No Reservations Preview: Surfing in Liberia

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Bourdain and professional surger Alfred Lomax.
Bourdain and professional surger Alfred Lomax.
Photo: Travel Channel

It seems all those years of living the rock star-chef-pirate lifestyle have left Anthony Bourdain a bit out of shape, as this preview for tonight's episode of No Reservations shows. Bourdain takes a surfing lesson from Liberia's first professional surfer, Alfred Lomax, and, well: "As I see it, the fact that I didn't cough yellow bile onto my board was a big win." Way to set your goals high, Tony. Having just watched the episode, it turns out Bourdain was pitiful during his surfing lesson not because of a hard-partying past, but rather a gnarly case of food poisoning.

No Reservations: Surfing in Liberia

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