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Muvbox: An Eco-Chic Restaurant-in-a-Box

Homards des Îles, Montreal.
Homards des Îles, Montreal.
Photo: Muvbox

Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at the future of food trucks: a partially-solar-powered, 12,000 pound shipping container than transforms into a restaurant with seating areas shaded by large awnings, the Muvbox. The video below shows how it works, or you can go to Montreal to see it in person at the first Muvbox restaurant, Homards des Îles, which serves lobster rolls. How trendy!

Unlike the competing food truck solution Mobi Munch, the Muvbox comes with seating areas and can be converted for retail use. For $225,000, you get a Muvbox with four solar panels, custom paint and graphics, a lighting system, eleven tables, three benches, a woodstone hearth oven (pizza!), refrigerator, sink, refrigerated line, recycled tire floors, sound system, a flat screen TV, and retractable awnings. If that's not enough for you, they're customizable at "a cost determined by your needs."

Video: Muvbox

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