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Historic 1948 Diner For Sale on eBay for $250K

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The Vale-Rio Diner.
The Vale-Rio Diner.
Photo: Spencer Stewart/Diner Hunter

The Vale-Rio Diner in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania has been put up for sale on eBay for $225,000. A victim of the recession, the 1948 landmark has been in storage since it closed in 2008. The owners decided to sell the historic building after plans to open it in a second location fell through. The building is believed to be one of very few Paramount-style diners, known for a particular circle pattern on the steel exterior, still in existence.

There are currently 14 restaurants available on eBay; the Vale-Rio is the only one that can be installed anywhere you'd like. It does appear that you have to go to Phoenixville to retrieve it, however.

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