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David Lebovitz Does Dessert for Virgin Airlines

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Cookbook author, pastry chef and blogger David Lebovitz has developed a dessert for Virgin America's new first class menu: Butterscotch pudding with vanilla bourbon mascarpone. A recipe that sounds very similar to the pudding can be found on Lebovitz' blog. It was adapted from his book Ripe for Dessert and (somewhat sacrilegiously, according to Lebovitz) is spiked with whiskey.

Other additions to the menu include dishes like "Pork tenderloin with a guava smear, port wine figs & saffron spaetzle, horseradish oil" and "Roasted eggplant, tomato and artichoke tart with polenta and wild mushroom mac-n-cheese."

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David Leibovitz [Photo: Good Bite]