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Which One's Sadder: Lou Reed Shilling for Honda or Rick Tramonto for Wendy's?

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Which one is more sad? Lou Reed pimping a Honda Scooter or Chicago chef Rick Tramonto shilling for Wendy's new salad? We'll answer that: Tramonto. Tramonto is, as writer Brett Thorn notes, "a champion of local, seasonal, touchy-feely food from cute farms" who up until recently ran Tru, the fine-dining restaurant he started with his then wife Gale Gand in 1999. Wendy's is, well, Wendy's is Wendy's.

Tramonto however has been shilling for the brand in media appearances which must be?humbling to say the least.

But here's why it's more sad: Lou Reed doesn't know shit about scooters. So sure, he likes Honda Scooters. Rick Tramonto knows a tremendous amount about quality food so to shill for Wendy's line of salads — one of which, the BLT Cobb Salad "boasts" 47 grams of fat and 670 calories — poisons the very font of his credibility. I hope that lettuce was worth it, Tramonto.

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