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Gelato University Reveals Sweet Secrets

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Learning to make gelato.
Learning to make gelato.
Photo: Capigiani Gelato University

Quick, the Italians are divulging their gelato secrets! Everyone get to Bologna! Capigiani Gelato University in Bologna offers courses in gelato-making that cover the basics all the way through advanced classes like Gelato with Alcohol, Chocolate Gelato, and The Semifreddo.

The school was started by gelato equipment company Capigiani Group and offers classes in Italy, America, and the UK in several languages, in addition to offering online courses. Apparently attendance has gone up since the recession, which CGU claims is indicative of the gelato trade's low start-up cost.

The Full Immersion Gelato Week, which includes beginner and intermediate classes, is priced at €700 (just under $900) and lasts 5 days. It includes a coupon for €700 off a gelato maker upon completion, though, so, assuming you actually intend to start a gelato business, it's kind of free? Except for air fare, and lodging, and how much is a BIC (that's Bachelors of Ice Cream) worth anyhow, but, you know. Gelato!

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