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Chicago Gets a Michelin Guide

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Now begins a time of furious speculation for the Chicago food world, as the Michelin restaurant guide has announced it will make its debut there in November. The biggest question is whether Grant Achatz's Alinea will get three stars, but many other restaurants of note, including but not limited to Charlie Trotter's, Moto, Spiaggia have months of hand-wringing ahead of them.

It's incredibly difficult to reach that three-star arena; for example, ever since the San Francisco/Bay Area Michelin guide debuted with the 2007 edition, Thomas Keller's The French Laundry has been the sole three-star recipient.

While Achatz's three stars are nowhere near guaranteed, his chances are certainly very good as the restaurant's status as a major international destination has been established for some time.

As for everyone else, no time for a quick makeover after this announcement as Michelin inspectors have been in Chicago for two years already, and although at least two inspectors visit each restaurant, as many as twelve might drop by for a three-star rating. Your fate is as good as sealed, Chicago. Now you just have to wait to find out what it is.

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Michelin Guide Chicago. [Photo: Michelin Media]