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British Kids Eat Disgusting Amount of Junk Food Annually

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[Photo: Murray Sanders/Daily Mail]

The adorable moppet above is surrounded by the junk food the average British child eats in a year, which, ew. The Daily Mail ran the picture to protest the end of The Food Standards Agency, a watchdog group which regulated processed-food companies. The photograph above represents 363,383 calories, or just under 1000 per day.


Contents: 47 packages of cookies, 54 packs of Cadbury Mini Rolls, 256 cream cheese triangles, 6 tubs of ice cream, 3 blocks of butter, 14 packs of bacon, 13 bags of chicken nuggets, 17 hamburgers, 68,225g of milks (mostly whole), 600 cocktail sausages, 14 meat pies, 130 fish fingers, 8 bags of oven-baked french fries, 3.5 bags of sugar in candy and jams, 52 chocolate bars, 32 liters of juice, and 20 boxes of cereal.

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