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Larry King Invests in Imitation NYC Bagel Company

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TV interviewer guy Larry King recently announced he intends to end his 25 year run as host of Larry King Live this fall, and, like many retirees, has a "fun" second career lined up for himself.

Only in Larry King's case, it's a little kooky! King has invested in a company called The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company, which manufactures water that tastes just like it does in Brooklyn, which they then use to make bagels in Florida.

Lots of people say that the difference between authentic New York bagels (and pizza crust, incidentally) and lowlier bagels from other places is the use of New York City tap water. The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company claims to have a 14-step patented process that replicates the flavor and Brooklyn-i-ness of their water in order to create bagel perfection. (They also sell the water in bottles.)

But what do they do to it? They're not telling, it's a secret. They do, however, use a satellite to monitor quality, and they give it away free when there are boil alerts. So, a little odd, but at least they're do-gooders.

King has a long-standing interest in bagels. He's a regular at Beverly Hill's deli Nate 'N Al, and even spoke at waitress Kaye Coleman's funeral.

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