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Denny's Restaurants in Japan Serve Foie Gras, Truffles

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Denny's in Japan is a strange beast: Apparently the American diner-style restaurant chain seems to have been the starting point, but the food there is some bizarre Japanese interpretation of western food including pasta, and steaks, and there's even ramen to appeal to local palates. In other words, it's much more upscale.

And a new item off of their "special truffle menu": Beef Rossini style with liver pie, a dish of New Zealand Beef topped with foie gras and sliced truffles, served with a red wine demi-glace reduction (it's a classic French presentation). All for 1380 yen, or a rather affordable $15 US! Since our Japanese is no better than our Catalan, we will let Google do the job of translating:

Google Translation:

At reasonable prices, luxury food and is waiting for liver pie that'll enjoy a special truffle menu! The New Zealand Beef soft, topped with goose liver pie produced in Hungary, Ashiraimashita sliced truffles. Page Rigorusosu harmony with their rich food, and produce a tantalizing taste. Family and colleagues to dinner with friends in a carefree feeling rich ... a little more than usual interest.

Liver pie is said to have the world's three great delicacies, truffles, caviar out, and align the two special plates. I used to fillet the meat soft and elegant with a delicate flavor. The page Rigorusosu decisive taste. Based on glass and truffle demi Fondobo is wine made with added luxury. Mashed potatoes and pie, along with Boolean stone oven, please leave us to source ?Shiagari means. Advantage of the excellent compatibility with wine.

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