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Brewed TV Show With Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Brewery

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The Discovery Channel has announced a new show called Brewed about, you guessed it, beer. Starring Dogfish Head Brewery founder Sam Calagione, the show will show the inner-workings of his brewery in addition to providing a bit of the history and "stories of beer sub-cultures." Which also means road trip! "Along with archeologist and beer expert Pat McGovern, Sam sets out to recreate 'ancient ales' that have been discovered at sites around the world from Egypt to Peru."

Sort of sounds a like a beer version of No Reservations to us! Which actually may be the case since it's produced by Zero Point Zero, the same production company behind Bourdain's show and Gourmet's Adventures with Ruth. This show sounds like it has a lot of potential. So we will see! If you're unfamiliar with Calagione and his dare-we-say intellectual ales, we've included his lecture at Authors@Google below:

Video: Authors@Google with Sam Calagione

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Sam Calagione [Photo: Business Week]

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