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Roger Ebert Writes Rice Cooker Cookbook

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Roger Ebert.
Roger Ebert.
Photo: AP

That film critic and cancer survivor Roger Ebert wrote a cookbook is not that strange in itself; what'S strange is that he did it after surgery robbed him of the ability to eat. And that it's about using rice cookers.

Roger Ebert loves rice cookers! The book, called The Pot and How to Use It: The Mystery and Romance of the Rice Cooker, was written after Ebert wrote a blog post on the subject and received, to date, 249 comments on the subject. He lovingly refers to it as the Pot at all times, proper noun, and used to take it with him to the Sundance film festival to prepare recipes like jambalaya and oatmeal.

Adam Roberts of The Amateur Gourmet once tweeted: "If you ever want a lot of comments on your blog, write about a rice cooker. People go nuts for it!" We'll update that to: "If you ever want a book deal...."

Look for it September 21.

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