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NYT OzerskyGate Story Reveals SmallTimeBloggerCompGate

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Although they could have taken him to the mat, The New York Times story about author Josh Ozersky's recent ethics scandal (aka OzerskyGate) was a simple recap with little new information.

But the Times poked into another ethically-nebulous phenomenon: bloggers and writers requesting and demanding comped meals in restaurants. Apparently it's getting worse as these bloggers realize there's a lot of free food to be had:

"Jennifer Baum, a publicist who represents Mr. White, Mr. Chodorow and other prominent New York restaurateurs, said the number of requests she gets for free meals has soared in the last few years." In search of free content (and dinner), some blogger "entrepreneurs" even declare themselves to be "the new Zagat or the new Michelin guide."

Sadly, the Times doesn't name names. Which is unfortunate! So we ask: Who are these freeloading "writers of food blogs, magazine Web sites and online restaurant guides" that are calling around and demanding free meals? We have our suspicions, but it's up to you, PR people and chefs! Sound off in the comments anonymously and let us know!

· When Is a Free Meal Just Part of a Writer’s Job? [NYT]
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