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Obama Eats a Kringle at O&H Danish Bakery in Wisconsin, Violates Strict First Lady Health Policy

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President Obama takes a bite.
President Obama takes a bite.
Photo: O&H Bakery

Before a Town Hall meeting in Racine, Wisconsin, President Obama stopped at the O & H Danish Bakery to sample a traditional Danish pastry called a kringle: a circular, flaky pastry filled with fruits, nuts or cheese. The President paid cash for three kringles: pecan, cherry and cheese (the latter at the urging of a store employee).

Obama told the gathered crowd that while kringle was great and all, what he really wished he could have were Wisconsin traditions bratwurst and fried cheese curds. Apparently both would violate the Michelle's nutritional guidelines for her husband, but Obama hinted he might get some on the way home, anyway. Take that, health initiatives!

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O & H Danish Bakery

1841 Douglas Avenue Racine, WI 53402

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