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Please Welcome Josh Ozersky to the Eater Dancefloor

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Ladies and gents, put your hands together for gentleman raconteur Josh Ozersky who will be gracing Eater National with his ebullient presence as a special guest contributor in these days leading up to summer. Some will know his past work as founding editor of Grub Street's New York edition and the late-lamented Citysearch blog The Feedbag; he's currently a scribe for Time magazine while sharing his daily explorations of gastronomic spectacles on Ozersky.TV.

Here at Eater, this week and next, he'll be investigating Barbecue Frauds and Fallacies, settling scores, and considering other matters of great import. Above, to get things rolling, a brief homage/compilation of video clips featuring Mr. Ozersky. Below, a photograph of Mr. Ozersky in his own habitat.


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