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Well, Yeah: Bruce Willis Vodka

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At least actor Bruce Willis is honest in this commercial for Sobieski vodka: "What the heck does Bruce Willis know about making vodka? The answer is: absolutely nothing." It's one of apparently many self-deprecating commercials that will soon appear online in which he makes it clear that he has a stake in the company, at one point deadpanning, "No, I'm not just an action hero with rugged good looks and some singing ambitions." So what does an actor of his status receive for making fun of himself like that in a public sphere? He gets a 3.3% stake in Belvedere SA in "exchange for signing a four-year contract to promote the Sobieski vodka brand world-wide."

· [YouTube via Vulture]
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· Bruce Willis Sees Spirits in Equity Deal With Belvedere [WSJ]

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