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Celebrity Chefs: Gulf Seafood Still Kind of Okay

Here's a video of a group of national and regional celebrity chefs who traveled to Grand Isle, Louisiana this weekend to draw attention to the fact that, although the oil spill qualifies as an epic disaster, "it's not all doom and gloom." While seafood supplies are threatened, much of the Gulf is still viable for fishing, and Tom Colicchio pledged to carry Gulf seafood in his restaurants as long as it was still safe. Las Vegas chef Rick Moonen was a bit more hesitant: "We want to support it, but it also scares us a little bit."

Local chef John Folse organized the event to support the Friends of the Fishermen, an organization which accepts donations to provide financial assistance to the families impacted by the destruction of the seafood industry. Susur Lee of Top Chef: Masters season 2, Dallas chef Dean Fearing, Rick Tramonto of Chicago's Tru, and chef Charles Carroll of Houston were also present.

Famous Chefs Visit Grand Isle In Support of Seafood

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