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Susan Spicer Files Lawsuit Against BP

If New Orleans chef Susan Spicer has her way, BP will be soon be funneling as much money into the Gulf Coast restaurant industry as they have hemorrhaged oil into the Gulf itself. Spicer has filed a class action law suit in Louisiana Federal Court against BP on behalf of her restaurant Bayona, as well as other restaurants and businesses negatively impacted by the oil spill.

The lawsuit is a response not only to disrupted seafood supply chains, but also the economic effect of decreased tourism. Spicer is also seeking compensatory and punitive damages from Transocean Ltd., Cameron International Corp, and a Halliburton unit, all of which had a hand in the Deepwater Horizon oil rig.

While there have been over 250 lawsuits filed over the oil spill (including several from restaurants and major fishing companies throughout the region), this is the first suit from a big name in the restaurant industry. If a high profile chef like Spicer wins a suit of this nature, every restaurant in the region will jump on BP like oil on a brown pelican.

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Susan Spicer [Photo: AP]