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An American Food Section in a German Grocery Store

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Here is a video of an American ethnic food section at a grocery store in Berlin. What constitutes "American Food," to a German? While some of these items are probably not available in Germany (box mac and cheese, maple syrup), many are (mayonnaise, baking soda). Most of this stuff seems to be there for expatriates who want brands they recognize.

Contents of the American Food Section:

Hot chocolate, V8, maple syrup, chocolate sauce, various Betty Crocker baking mixes, including cakes, muffins, and Bisquick, barbecue sauce, Arm & Hammer baking soda, Paul Prudhomme spice mixes, Newman's Own salad dressing, Hellman's mayonnaise, marshmallows, both fluff and whole, box macaroni and cheese, processed cheese, yellow mustard, pickle relish, and Campbell's soup.

Video: The American 'Ethnic' Food Section

· The American 'Ethnic' Food Section [YouTube via BuzzFeed]

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