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Chef Michel Nischan "Kinda Glad" Gulf Oil Spill Happened

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Chef Michel Nischan (of Dressing Room in Connecticut) told CNN that the Gulf oil spill "had to happen." He tries to qualify it by mentioning that he has family in the area, but, yeah, pretty much describes the oil spill as the kind of thing that might finally be the kick in the pants those lazy middle-Americans need to quit driving their SUVs:

"I think it had to happen. I am so sorry for the families that are down there. I feel their pain, I have relatives down there. I know the deal. But you know what? I'm kinda glad it happened, because we have to change the way we do things as a whole, and I hope that's what this leads to."

Yup, the biggest environmental disaster in the history of the country, which is destroying livelihoods, cultures, and entire populations of wildlife (maybe forever!), is just a wake-up call. We're totally with you.

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