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I Am Love Full of Hot Prawn-ography

No, prawnography is not dirty movies of crustaceans doin' it. "Prawnography" is the word used by actress Tilda Swinton to describe a scene in her new film, I Am Love, in which her character eats a dish of glazed prawns. The New York Times calls it a foodie movie, and apparently the prawno scene is "a particular show stopper." Adding to the film's food cred: some scenes from the movie were inspired by Ratatouille, and chef Carlo Cracco of Milan's Cracco restaurant served as culinary adviser.

I Am Love is about a Russian immigrant to Milan who falls in love with her son's friend, who happens to be a chef. As usually follows with this sort of thing, all kinds of sexy food stuff happens. Below, the I Am Love trailer, which includes a brief clip of the prawn scene and other not-quite-as-sexy-but-still-kind-of-sexy food scenes.

Trailer: I Am Love

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