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Chefs' Surprisingly Relaxed Advice at Saveur BBQ

It's officially-for-real summer now, and it's too hot to do anything other than bitch about how hot it is, go to barbecues, and forget about all those snobby food pretensions we maintain during the year. Metromix went to the Saveur Summer BBQ and asked the chefs gathered there for their (surprisingly laid-back) advice on how to survive the summer, and we've pulled a few choice quotes:

Wylie DuFresne, on Cheeseburgers: "It has to have American cheese...And don’t worry too much about medium rare or whatever. It’s about having fun."

The Red Cat's Jimmy Bradley, on Beers for Summer: "A Peroni or a Corona, so you can slam it down all icy cold. It’s kind of like the difference between young wine and old wine. Old wine you sip. Young wine you pound."

New York Chef Bill Telepan on What Goes Best with Tequila: "A little Advil here. A little Vicodin there."

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