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Gourmet Live Coming Fall 2010

Condé Nast announced earlier today that Gourmet Magazine will be relaunched as Gourmet Live, and have since posted an introduction video and official statement. The video shows an iPad app that is visually very similar to the print version, and outlines some of its features.

The official statement refers to Gourmet Live as "profoundly different" from other efforts to digitize Condé Nast titles, which, of course, remains to be seen. Look for a live site in the fall.


Along the predictable addition of videos and slideshows, Gourmet Live will use some sort of "location-based technology" and a social element which allows users to unlock exclusive content called Gourmet Live Rewards. They're really pushing this aspect of the app: the site's slogan is "Good living rewarded."

The site appears to be recycling old print content, as David Foster Wallace's essay "Consider the Lobster" appears in the video no less than four times, and is onscreen for most of the video. Gourmet Live: still literary!

Introducing Gourmet Live

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