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Gordon Ramsay 'Forces' Himself on a Hell's Kitchen Contestant

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On last night's episode of Hell's Kitchen, kicking off the "signature dish" challenge, Gordon Ramsay judged the veal scallopini prepared by what appeared to be a a timid stay-at-home cookbook author. Saying that the dish looked like "baby vomit," Ramsay nonetheless appraised it "delicious." Sensing her nervousness, he shouted "Relax! Relax!" and then hugged her. Courtship a la Ramsay?

It was all so very uncomfortable, until it got more uncomfortable: Innocent pecks on the cheek evolved into them slobbering all over each other, while nearby contestants stood there squeamishly. Am I next, they wondered? Is Gordon Ramsay just a dirty old man? The big, shocking reveal: it was his wife, Tana.

By pretending to force himself on an unassuming woman, apparently he was trying to make some point about not caring what experience the contestants have? Or that what people look like should have no bearing on their food? "What a filthy bastard," said one of the contestants.

Video: Hell's Kitchen Stunts

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