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Internet Backlash Forces Raleigh Bakery to Drop Its Slogan "So Good It Makes Fat People Cry"

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The Raleigh NC custom bakery Crumb (no actual brick and mortar location) sells cupcakes with fun names like "Little Lebowski Urban Achievers," "Miso Horny," and "IED (carbomb)." But it's clear they're trying to be edgy, referencing indiscriminate murder with a chocolate stout cupcake? And their slogan was edgy, too: "So Good It Makes Fat People Cry."

Like anything on the internet,people took offense, calling it fat-insensitive. A customer emailed one of the owners, who responded "We offend everybody equally. You are the one with hate in your heart not us. Since we are fortunate enough to live in America you can do whatever you want." Which is fine, maybe not the the best form of public relation, but hooray for freedom of expression! You can tell potential customers to buzz off if you like! But then the co-owner had to tweet on her public, personal account that the person who complained was a "fat cunt" (the account is private now). Oops!

That did not go so well on the internet! The inevitable happened: a "Boycott Crumb" Facebook group was started (the name has since been changed to "Fat is Not a Character Flaw). Also, Yelpers started leaving one-star reviews that referenced the offensive term, which is bad for business.

So Crumb dropped their slogan and apologized on their blog. Which is apparently not enough! Since they commenters on their apology post continue to give them a hard time, asking questions like "So pray tell, at what point does one become too fat of a cunt to eat your cupcakes?"

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