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Meet the Aspen Food & Wine Classic Swag Room

This may be the last time we're invited into the swag hall

Because partying in gorgeous Aspen, and eating epic meals from the likes of John Besh, Mario Batali, Tim Love, and David Chang just isn't enough, a portion of press members, VIPs, and chefs get special access to the Green Room aka the Swag Room.

Organizers hand out green room access cards like they're the holy grail ("Keep it safe, keep it close"), and once inside the room, visitors are told to take one of each offered item—knives, glasses, bake ware, wine stoppers, cheese graters, wool socks!—put it in a bag, drop it in a FedEx box to be shipped home, and oh why don't you sign up for some free salami? It's like being a B-list celebrity before the Oscars, but instead of watches and perfume you get lavender-scented hand spray and Starbucks mugs.
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