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Eater Live at the 2010 Aspen Food & Wine Classic

The calm before the storm.
The calm before the storm.

Eater editors—myself and Ms. Amanda Kludt, editor of Eater NY—are coming to you live from the 2010 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen all weekend long. Our morning hangover observations from last night's José Andrés' epic pig roast for Wines from Spain: A lively Andrés putting meat into peoples' mouths with his hands, telling them "Everything you knew about sex is overrated." For many, the focus was on the dramatic NBA finals, and Josh Ozersky (after having had lost a $100 bet) walked around dejectedly, no matter the roasted pork and sausage and Spanish wines abound. Unnamed chefs told us they'd be on their best behavior to avoid making the blogs. And please, drivers in Aspen, watch out for David Chang and crew riding bicycles on the wrong side of the road. Sponsor shout-out goes to the friendly and generous folk at the Viceroy Snowmass in Snowmass Village, CO for putting us up for the weekend in their lovely studio suites.

We'll be posting Aspen dispatches all weekend long. Buckle up.