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René Redzepi on Nightline: Not Afraid of Butter

René Redzepi, the celebrated chef of the restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, was profiled on last night's episode of Nightline. A lot of the interview points were really similar to his interview with Charlie Rose, but Nightline offered the chance to see him cook a couple of dishes, including one with what some might call massive amounts of butter. "We're not afraid of butter in our part of the world," he noted.

The associated article online has some more quotes, including this one regarding molecular gastronomy:

"Science is good. Science is progress in a way,.. Machinery -- there's nothing wrong with machinery. ... There's a big difference for me between machinery and chemistry, and even some chemistry is natural. I'm not opposed to it. It's not something that's a big part of our cuisine [at Noma], honestly it's not. For me, El Bulli was not a uniquely gastronomical restaurant, it was about freedom. It was about seeing a place where, going to a place where everything is completely different from what you had in upbringing.

Video: René Redzepi on Nightline

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