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Andrew Cuomo's Mom to Sandra Lee: That's Not the Way You Make a Lasagna

Lasagna-gate! Matilda Cuomo, the mother of New York State Attorney General and inevitable governor Andrew Cuomo, told NY1 there's no way her son prefers the lasagna of his paramour Food Network's Sandra Lee to her own. Lee's recipe for lasagna uses non-traditional ingredients including canned tomato soup, cottage cheese, and apple cider vinegar instead of things like fresh ricotta cheese.

When asked if Lee's recipe was in fact Andrew's favorite, Matilda replied, "I don't know that that's true. You know, maybe she puts cottage cheese because he doesn't want to put on weight." And then she dropped the culinary hammer: "That's not the way you make a lasagna."

Amusingly, NY1 calls it a "dispute" (in England they might call it a "row"?), but this is a culinary battle, with Cuomo's Italian heritage at stake. Sandra Lee's willful and semi-homemade disregard of tradition is a direct affront to her beau's mother, and also probably not that tasty either.

Video: Cuomo's Mother on Sandra Lee's Lasagna

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[Photo: NYDN]