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Top Chef D.C. To Have More Corporate Pork Than Capitol Hill

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Hey, you guys! Can you wait for Top Chef D.C.? No, neither can I. Is it watching the twitching spasms of contestants' dignity as if asphyxiated by evil Magical Elves? Is it seeing Padma Lakshmi slow-talk you like you were on Lover's Lane and she was about to do dirty things to a certain part of you? Nope! It's the product placement. And this season promises to....OMG TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYOTA, DIAL NUTRISKIN, SAMSUNG, SA:LKGJDS:LKFGJ!!! Sorry, brand spasm! Anyway, this season looks to be insane. Bravo actually sent a press release bragging about it, just so you don't get confused and think the contestants spontaneously decide to reminisce about their favorite Dial Nutriskin moments or actually choose a Toyota Sienna as their Dream Car.

Elements of the fully integrated sponsorships surrounding "Top Chef D.C." include:

Toyota is a fully integrated sponsor, and Toyota Sienna minivans serve as the primary transportation vehicles for the competing chef'testants as they make their way around Washington D.C. for "Top Chef" challenges. Toyota also will receive featured integrations across the series. Additionally, Toyota will serve as an episodic prize partner by giving the winner of one elimination challenge a new Toyota Avalon.

Dial NutriSkin will provide a $125,000 cash prize to the "Top Chef" winner, in addition to cash prizing for five Quickfire challenges over the course of the season. Custom vignettes featuring the current chef'testants' sharing details on their morning routines will be revealed on-air.

Samsung will sponsor two custom on-air vignettes featuring a past chef'testant cooking summer-inspired meals easily stored for entertaining,

Snyder's of Hanover signs on as a sponsor for season seven and will be hosting the "Top Chef D.C." B-Hive at, which will assist viewers in throwing weekly viewing parties for their fellow food-obsessed friends by offering party ideas and games. Snyder's of Hanover is sponsoring viewing party kits that will be sent to select fans and include Snyder's of Hanover pretzels, "Top Chef” t-shirts, napkins, a pretzel bowl and mustard.

Kikkoman joins this season as a sponsor of the Summer Grilling Tip vignettes featuring Kevin Gillespie from "Top Chef: Las Vegas” as he offers helpful advice on the BBQ. Kikkoman will also sponsor the weekly "Top Chef D.C.” chef'testant exit interviews featured on

British Petroleum joins this season as a first time sponsor. BP will sponsor a custom Quickfire challenges How to Cook An Oil-Soaked Pelican for a Party of Unemployed Gulf Coast Fishermen.

Ok that last one isn't true.....yet.

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