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Brandwhore Lisa "Hungry Girl" Lillien Gets Her Own Show. We're All Doomed.

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The rumors were true: best-selling cookbook author and pernicious product pusher Lisa Lillien aka "Hungry Girl" announced that she's landed her own show on the Cooking Channel. "You'll be getting 13 half-hour episodes of guilt-free fun and general HG madness!"

And what is the stuff of this "general HG madness"? Will it be, as the Cooking Channel once promised, gritty young-skewing Food Network-meets-Harmony Korine fare? Nope! It's mad in the way that actually makes you mad. The Hungry Girl, behind whose broad smile and chattiness is a shrewd almost obscene huckster, belongs to the ranks of Sandra Lee: a half-personality half-brand chimera with one eye on her bank account and the other on the levers of power.

Let's take a look at an example of a recent Hungry Girl recipe:

All of the items called for here are delicious on their own, so OF COURSE they'll be great -- if not better -- together. This super-easy recipe is totally worth assembling after dinner (or lunch... or breakfast... No judging!). We give you... our Double Chocolate Mousse Attack!

Double Chocolate Mousse Attack

1 pack Nabisco 100 Cal Oreo Thin Crisps
2 Mousse Temptations by Jell-O snack cups, any chocolate flavor
1 Jell-O Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding Snack
1/2 cup Fat Free Reddi-wip

Roughly crush cookies and set half aside. Evenly distribute the other half between two small glasses or dessert bowls.

So this is what we have to look forward to on the Cooking Channel? More tan women with lines on their faces and lines of signature products rounding up customers to form lines in supermarkets? The only line they seem not to have is between editorial and advertising. Roughly crush those cookies and set it all aside, muthafuckas!

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