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Dash, Condé Nast's New Magazine/Newspaper Insert

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Well, the rumors were true: Condé Nast and Parade are in fact working on a new magazine, reports The New York Times. And not just any magazine, but a newspaper insert called Dash, featuring "food articles and recipes meant to appeal to a mainstream audience." Also, intended to appeal to giant corporate food marketers pushing packaged and frozen foods. Oh the post-Gourmet food media landscape is dark, indeed!

Basically a rip-off of another existing newspaper insert called Relish (with a circulation of 15.5 million in 845 newspapers), Dash initially will have a circulation of eight million and "be carried by about 100 newspapers of the 540 that carry Parade." Don't think New York Times, think New York Post and your local, regional newspaper.

When? A preview issue of Dash will drop in November, followed by a regular monthly publication starting February, and it'll be included in newspapers in the “best food day” issues, or "in industry parlance, published on Wednesdays or Thursdays."

An editorial collaboration between Parade and Bon Appétit magazine, the Times reports Dash will also make use of content from and (gasp!) the archives of Gourmet magazine. They call it a "partnership," but it sounds suspiciously like a form of syndication, a cheap way to farm out editorial content and recipes. Repackage content, wrap ads around it for Walmart, Pop-Tarts, and skinless chicken breasts, and print it on cheap paper — it's money in the bank.

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