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Stacking Horrible Fast Food Items for Fun and No Profit

Left: the <a href="">Double Breakfast EggMc Big Mac</a>; Right: the <a href="">Franken
Left: the Double Breakfast EggMc Big Mac; Right: the Franken

The internet likes nothing more than new creations built from horrible fast food items stacked one on top of the other (see the McGangBang for reference). And blogs hungry for pageviews will gladly comply and try to outdo one another.

Recent example #1: Top Cultured's Double Breakfast EggMc Big Mac, a "breakfast Big Mac" that basically combines all the breakfast items from McDonald's to make one sandwich. And then example #2: the Village Voice's Frankenburger, in which they took the "best elements from a Big Mac, a Whopper, and Wendy's Half-Pound Double with cheese."

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