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The Fox Pizza Bus: A Double-Decker Wood-Burning Pizza Bus

[Photos: Fox Pizza Bus]

Everyone's been buzzing about the Los Angeles-based World Fare bustaurant lately, calling it the next generation of food truck mobile eatery. But now the bus-based food vending scene has entered a whole new level: From Eater LA comes news of the Fox Pizza Bus, a double-decker bus with a fully-functioning wood-burning pizza oven inside. A pizzeria on wheels: a PizzaBustaurant!

The bus was originally "used as a Scottish transit before making its way across the pond" and will use an Italian imported oven, "while staying environmentally conscious," meaning local and organic ingredients. Above, pre-glam photos of chef Michael Fox's bus before it gets wrapped in about two weeks. The bus should debut at the end of this month. So it's official: two makes it a trend.

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