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"These Are Much Firmer Than Leno's Abs!"

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Photo: HuffPo

Randy Southern Belle Paula Deen recently had the fortune/misfortune of encountering Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi at the Country Music Television Awards. The Huffington Post is running a caption contest, but we're running our own: Captions Most Likely Not To Win The Huffington Post Caption Contest. I'll kick it off:

· "OMG, I could grate my woohoo on these!" —Paula Deen
· "OMG, This old lady is going to give me an HJ. Sweet!"—The Situation
· "OMG, I will be this lady in ten years unless I start wearing sunscreen!" —Snooki
· "OMG, I can't believe I fucking went to Vassar and this is what I've become."—Guy in the Background.
· "OMG, These Are Much Firmer Than Leno's Abs!" —Paula Deen

Feel free to add your own in comments!

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