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Dennis Hopper's Beer Wisdom from Blue Velvet

Dennis Hopper, star of such films including Easy Rider, Super Mario Bros., and Apocalypse Now, passed away at 74. But we're focusing on the film Blue Velvet, in which Hopper played Frank, the nitrous oxide-inhaling, sadomasochistic sociopath, and in particular, the super-creepy scene at the apartment of suave dandy Ben (played by the charismatic Dean Stockwell).

The scene featured what could be the best, most convincing commercial for Pabst Blue Ribbon, with Hopper asking Kyle MacLachlan what kind of beer he likes. Hopper disapproves of the imported varieties and yells, "Heineken!? Fuck that shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon!" The other bit of beer wisdom: "One thing I can't fucking stand is warm beer. It makes me fuckin' puke!"

Video: Dennis Hopper's Beer Wisdom from Blue Velvet